Introducing Clip-Nix® Clip-on Cutlery

You know the drill: try to serve yourself some food on the buffet line, while juggling your plate, drink, napkin AND utensils.  You fidget, you fumble, you drop ... !

Struggle no more.  With CLIP-NIX® clip-on cutlery, just push the button to easily attach them to your plate. No more dropping, no more germs.  Make life easier for yourself, your guests, a child or disabled friend.

CLIP-NIX® clip-on cutlery is ready to go when you are. It makes the perfect hostess solution for informal dinner parties.  Simply attach a group of CLIP-NIX® clip-on cutlery to each plate and relax.  No more misplaced knives or forks; no need to get up to look for a lost spoon.

CLIP-NIX® clip-on cutlery - for more than just picnics. Invite them to your next barbeque or family affair. They'll make every party an easy, fun time.

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Clip-Nix utensils clip onto your plate

No fumble, no drop
Clip-Nix utensils clip onto plates

The new standard in plastic cutlery.